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Coach House Insurance Post Pandemic...

After what has been the most dreadful 18 months for many of us, it is a delight to see life returning to what we are used to describing as 'normal'!

With house sales on the move again, and people being able to secure viewings, mortgage appointments and access to estate agent services - life for us here at Home Shield Insurance is returning to back to our own 'normal' too.

It is a joy to be speaking with new clients coming into our organisation seeking advise about the unique and special property's known as Coach Houses, and we are all here ready to help and organise secure, reliable, and most importantly the correct Insurance, at the correct price for all of our customers.

During the pandemic, we have conducted lots of research into available products and premium comparisons for Coach House Insurance, and are happy to be able to continue to secure a great of panel of insurers offering great policies, and really competitive rates. We all know just how important it is to arrange the correct Coach House cover - making sure your coach house building is fully covered - and not robbing the bank at the same time!

Moving house can sometimes be quite stressful, as much as it is exciting. With Home Shield taking care of your unusual Insurance needs - we can take away one worry from you, and save you money in the process.

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