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Where Can I Buy Coach House Insurance From? Home Shield Insurance of course!

Updated: Oct 19, 2022

And the great news is - Our Coach House panel has been expanded, with the best rates yet!

At Home Shield Insurance we sell a whole range of Coach House Insurance that specifically includes all the garages and Carports at the property. Providing the garages are mentioned on the title deeds of the Coach House property– we can add them to the Insurance Schedule.

We are very pleased to announce that as of October 2021, our panel of available Coach House Insurance providers was expanded. We have always been very successful at placing Coach House Insurance, and securing very competitive, low premiums – particularly at renewal. 2017 saw record levels of Coach House renewals due to one of our Coach House providers – Legal & General REDUCING annual renewal premiums! With 2022 having the lowest premiums we have ever seen available, we hope to see many of our policies renewing again as we remain competitive, offering great service and cover.

With our panel greatly increasing, and offering more and more choice for Coach House property owners, we are securing even lower premiums than ever before, and the competition between insurers is giving the customer much more buying power, and much more variation and choice of products.

Our Coach House Insurance is mainly provided to us by – Legal & General Royal & Sun Alliance AXA Insurance Aviva Square Peg Insurance Plum eflex Paymentshield Insurance

We can offer a quote from all of these insurers (and more for non-standard builds), and advise you on who is most competitive. We can make sure you that you buy the right policy to meet your needs based on the unique set up of your coach house arrangement.

We have specialised in Coach House Insurance since 2006, so we are well informed of what is available in the marketplace and the complications that can arise. We often deal with our clients solicitors directly during Coach House purchases – due to the sometimes-complex nature of the freehold and leasehold variations.

Call us for advice and a free no obligation Coach House Insurance Quote on Freephone 0800 612 2007 now.

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