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The benefits of a Coach House.

Coach houses are a hybrid between a flat and detached property, but prices will often be much more competitive than a detached house in the same area, meaning that you are able to get more for your money and live at an address that you may otherwise be unable to afford.

A Coach House is a detached property, so you will not have the issue of neighbours surrounding you on every side as you would in a traditional flat -in fact, your only neighbours are the downstairs garages, which usually have restricted use for their leaseholders - vehicle storage only.

These buildings can also outshine their flat counterparts due to the outside space that they offer. One of the garages below the building is nearly always available for the resident’s/freeholders use, with electricity and water able to be plumbed into this particular garage, but not in the other leaseholders garages. There is also the unusual added bonus that many coach houses will come with a garden, and this is something that you almost never see with a traditional flat.

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